Visiting Los Angeles? Shop in Style, Get a Limo November 19, 2014

Everyone remembers the infamous scene in the film, “Pretty Woman,” where Julia Roberts playing the Hollywood Boulevard hooker gets brutally dismissed while shopping on chic Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. That scenario would have transpired quite differently had the character stepped out of a plush limousine parked right along side the storefront and if she wasn’t dressed as a prostitute. When you’re visiting a glamorous city filled with movie stars make sure to shop in style with a limo.

All the trendy goers and young starlets shop on Melrose Avenue. So many eclectic stores and restaurants run up and down the endless street and you do not want to miss out on the colorful scene when traveling to LA. When you emerge from Marc Jacobs with bags in tow you’ll be so glad you have a car waiting for you to load all your purchases while you stroll down to lunch at one of the café’s.

The Downtown Art District draws all of LA’s creative professionals and the community features character and stylish galleries. Enjoy some serious retail therapy with fashion, decor and furniture surrounded by boutiques that mirror museums. This area reeks of sophistication and positioned right amidst the Toy Factory Lofts, is a the luxurious Downtown Design League that features one-of-a-kind handcrafted clothes, shoes, and accessories.

LA has some of the best vintage stores that are must-stops when you’re in town and the intricate shops are renowned for their unique finds. Make sure to reserve a limo for this shopping occasion because these specialized stores are spread out all over Los Angeles from The Way We Wore on Le Brea Avenue to the best bohemian vintage shop, Tavin Boutique, in Echo Park.

Remember to think “Big” when traveling to the city of Los Angeles. Its largeness can deem overwhelming when you’re trying to navigate through and explore especially when you’re only here a limited time, so make the most of it with a limo.


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